Graphite, a crucial industrial mineral primarily used in the production of steel and other metals, also features prominently in batteries, brake linings, and lubricants. Its high thermal conductivity and ability to withstand extreme temperatures make it ideal for refractories and heat management applications. Moreover, the increasing demand for electric vehicles has boosted its use in lithium-ion batteries, highlighting its significance in the transition to renewable energy sources. Graphite's versatility and essential role underscore its continued importance across various industries.

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Cocan Graphite specializes in advanced graphite processing with capabilities spanning from raw material treatment to specialized product creation. Our expertise includes compound development, precise crushing and sizing, and high-temperature graphitization to enhance material properties. Cocan Graphite also focuses on efficient packaging and innovative uses in steel sagger welding, supporting diverse industries such as metallurgy and electronics. Cocan Graphite's comprehensive approach ensures high-quality, tailored graphite solutions that meet stringent industry standards.

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Cocan Graphite’s product portfolios cover from carbons to saggers, from cokes to graphites, from natural to synthetic and from amorphous to flake. All of our products are clearly categorized into different brands for different applications and precisely tailor-made through our rigid production and test procedures, and then cleanly packed with patented paper or bulk bags with solid wooden pallets. We have been endeavored to make our customers in all industries stay easy, clean and happy to use of all our products.

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Cocan Graphite dedicates to being one of world best powdered carbon and graphite companies by providing customers worldwide with high quality and consistent powder and granular carbon and graphite products.

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